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Forward Motion Records releases "Forward Motion Records Live." An exciting document of the South Florida label's 1st anniversary show which was held at Revolution Live in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. The event raised money for the Kristi House Charity and awareness for Musicians on Call.

The album features 15 live performances by 14 of the labels artists. It covers multiple genres to fully represent some of South Floridas most promising bands and singer-songwriters. The album was recorded and mastered by Grammy award winning recording engineer, Zach Ziskin.

"Smile" by Dreaming in Stereo is included as a tribute to Araceli Perdomo, Label Founder Fernando Perdomo's mother who lost her battle with cancer only 9 days before the concert took place. In her honor, half of the proceeds will be donated to cancer research.

The Album will be available on Friday 10/28 on Itunes, Amazon Mp3, Bandcamp, and EMusic

Physical release will be in December along with a DVD of the concert.....


released October 28, 2011

Forward Motion Live

Recorded Live at Revolution Live 9/29/2011

Produced by Fernando Perdomo, Omine Eager, and Lizette Santana

Mixed by Fernando Perdomo

Engineered, and Mastered by Zach Ziskin

All photography by Christina Isabel Rivera (

Forward Motion Logo by Samantha Thrall


1. Omine
Omine Eager - Acoustic Gtr, Lead Vocals
Fernando Perdomo- Lead Guitar
Vic Kingsley - Bass
Derek Cintron - Drums, bv

2. Chris Alvy Band
Chris Alvy - Lead Vox, Lead Gtr
Fernando Perdomo - Gtr, BV
Ana Valenzuela- Organ
Daryl Killingsworth - Bass
Todd Taulbee - Drums, BV

3. Robert Goodman Band
Robert Goodman - Lead Vox, Keys
David Rubenstein - Lead Gtr, BV
Rick Sheppard - Bass
Derek Cintron - Drums

4. Joshua Stedman
Joshua Stedman - Lead Vox, Acoustic
Fernando Perdomo - Lead Guitar, BV
Vic Kingsley - Bass, BV
Derek Cintron - Drums, BV

5. Jorge Moreno
Jorge Moreno - Lead Vox, Acoustic Gtr
Fernando Perdomo - Gtr, BV
Vic Kingsley - Bass, BV
Derek Cintron - Drums BV

6. Kim Drake
Kim Drake- Lead Vox, Gtr
Fernando Perdomo - Bass
Todd Taulbee - Drums

7. Jesse Young
Jesse Young - Lead Vox, Acoustic
Zach Ziskin - Gtr, BV
Chloe Dolandis - BV
Fernando Perdomo - Bass, BV
Ana Valenzuela - Organ
Derek Cintron - Drums, BV

8. Lizette Santana
Lizette Santana- Vocals
Fernando Perdomo - Guitar, BV
Daryll Killingsworth - Bass
Vic Kingsley - Keys
Derek Cintron - Drums

9. Tyler Bernhardt
Tyler Bernhardt - Vox, Acoustic
Ana Valenzuela - Mellotron
Fernando Perdomo - Bass, BV, Slide Guitar
Vic Kingsley - Whistle
Derek Cintron - Drums

10. Dreaming in Stereo
Fernando Perdomo- Vocals, Gtr
Ana Valenzuela- Piano
Chris Alvy - Gtr, BV
Daryll Killingsworth- Bass
Eddie Zyne - Drums

11. Danny Luis
Danny Luis - Vocals , Acoustic
Fernando Perdomo - Bass, Bv
Derek Cintron - Drums

12. Jennifer Kaiser
Jennifer Kaiser - Vocals, Gtr
George Chavles - Lead Gtr
Fernando Perdomo - Bass
Derek Cintron- Drums, BV

13. Vic Kingsley
Vic Kingsley - Vox, Gtr
Jimmy Powers V - Lead Gtr
Fernando Perdomo - Bass
Ana Valenzuela - Keys
Derek Cintron - Drums

14. Jim Camacho
Jim Camacho - Vox, Acoustic
Fernando Perdomo - Lead Guitar, BV
Vic Kingsley - Bass
Jordan Welch - Drums

15. Dreaming in Stereo
Fernando Perdomo - Vox, Gtr
Ana Valenzuela - Piano
Eddie Zyne - Cymbal Swells



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